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Our Story

What a wonderful world

As we finished our studies at university we were offered exciting jobs in countries far from home. We barely knew anything about these destinations, but we took a risk and accepted the jobs. It was a decision that led to the most amazing years of our lives on a journey that covered more than 40 countries each. We made new friends. We experienced new cultures. We ate new foods. Juan even fell in love with a woman who became his wife.

We believe the world is so much more than the negative stories on the evening news. Plushkies was founded from a desire to inspire global curiosity in children around the world. Our travels taught us that a broader perspective on the world means a more tolerant, more appreciated, more wonderful place to live together. Plushkies is our way of sharing that inspiration with you.

– Ricardo & Juan, Founders of Plushkies

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    What is your story of discovery, appreciation and connection?
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