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We believe that children who are curious about other countries benefit from a broadened perspective and an appreciation of global diversity. We also believe that the world benefits from and needs those children.

Plushkies -our collection of high-end, artistic plush characters- strives to awaken this curiosity in children, with the understanding that curiosity breeds awareness, tolerance, appreciation and enjoyment.

It will happen whether we consciously seek it or not. You may be standing in a street in Asia, or a village in Africa, but at some point you will look up and make eye contact with someone from that country, someone who does not look like you, does not understand what you are saying, and who would find your life back home completely incomprehensible. But they will look into your eyes and smile, a connection will be made, and you will recognize them, because what travel teaches us is that we are all essentially the same. There is not a ‘them’ and an ‘us’; there is really only ‘us’”.

–Maureen Wheeler, Lonely Planet co-founder