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Fabio Perissinotto

Fabio Perissinotto is a very expressive and outgoing Roman who loves pasta. He is the chef of a small traditional restaurant in Piazza di Spagna which gets really busy from 7am, the moment in the day when his fellow Italians start enjoying their traditional espressos.

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Fabio loves eating pasta and he also loves cooking it—especially since he realized that is his best chance to earn interest from Daniela, an affectionate girl from Tuscany who loves Italian history and moved to Rome to work as a tour guide in the Colosseum.

No matter when you visit Fabio’s Restaurant, the spirit is always the same: an occasion for friends and family to gather around the table and enjoy a relaxed conversation. You’ll know you are entering a typical Italian restaurant when you hear Fabio’s voice greeting every lady with a very loud “Ciao, bella!”

Fun Fact


The number of spectators the Colosseum of Rome is capable of holding.