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Katie Johnson

Katie Johnson is the most cheerful American high school girl you’ll ever meet. She is full of life and always playing sports. While her schedule is often busy, she always finds time to squeeze in a new activity with her friends.

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Katie plays in her school basketball and lacrosse teams and is also the captain of the softball team. Although she is very competitive and sometimes gets miffed if she doesn’t win, Katie always forgets quickly and plays for the love of the game.

Katie also loves to make plans for the future. There are two things she is really excited about: The first is getting her drivers license and taking a road trip with her friends across the 2448 miles of the famous U.S. Route 66, from Chicago to L.A.; the second is her upcoming trip to Spain where she will study a semester in an exchange program.

Fun Fact


Did you know that the capital of the USA -Washington, D.C.- is more commonly called “D.C.”?