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Pepe Hernandez

Pepe Hernandez is a modest family man from Jalisco, Mexico. Since he works long hours he doesn’t see his wife and three kids as much as he would like, but he takes life with a grain of salt.

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Pepe owns several taxis. He always keeps his taxis in impeccable condition and enjoys starting interesting conversations with his passengers when he drives them too. There is also something very special about Pepe: he always tries to learn something from each of his passengers.

In return, his passengers usually get to listen to the CDs he has recorded with his Mariachi band in which he plays “la vihuela,” an instrument similar to a five-string guitar with a rounded back side. If you want to see Pepe’s eyes light up, just wait until he plays Ruben Fuentes and Vicente Fernandez or tells you the latest mischief from his children.