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Mei Mei

Mei Mei is a fun Chinese girl, who is outgoing with her friends and genuinely friendly. She enjoys socializing in public places in Shanghai and speaking English with the foreigners she meets.

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Mei Mei moved to Shanghai several years ago to study video game engineering at Fudan University. All of her relatives are very proud that she is the first person in the family with a college degree. Now Mei Mei works long hours for Huawei Technology Company; despite her success, she is still very humble and happy to make sacrifices for her family, coworkers, and friends. She is also very ambitious and creative and dreams with starting her own company in the near future.

Mei Mei was born in Chongqing and is the only daughter of peasant parents. She truly represents the new generation and enjoys hobbies her parents couldn’t imagine, such as traveling. She hasn’t been out of the China yet but her favorite memories so far are from a trip to the bucolic Lijiang and a trip to the Wall of China, the memory of which still awakens her sense of Chinese pride.