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Plushkies are artistic, high-end plush characters in the shape of the world’s countries. Children and adults alike love them because they are fun, super-huggable and great tools for awakening culture curiosity.

Fabio Perissinotto

Fabio Perissinotto is a very expressive and outgoing Roman who loves pasta. He is the chef of a small traditional restaurant in Piazza di Spagna which gets really busy from 7am, the moment in the day when his fellow Italians start enjoying their traditional espressos.

Fabio »


Katie Johnson

Katie Johnson is the most cheerful American high school girl you’ll ever meet. She is full of life and always playing sports. While her schedule is often busy, she always finds time to squeeze in a new activity with her friends.

Katie »


Mei Mei

Mei Mei is a fun Chinese girl, who is outgoing with her friends and genuinely friendly. She enjoys socializing in public places in Shanghai and speaking English with the foreigners she meets.

Mei Mei »


Pepe Hernandez

Pepe Hernandez is a modest family man from Jalisco, Mexico. Since he works long hours he doesn’t see his wife and three kids as much as he would like, but he takes life with a grain of salt.

Pepe »