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A Thousand Plushky Lovers

We are a community of likeminded individuals who share a passion for travel and culture, children’s educational growth and purposeful design products.

Because we care about these elements of learning and play, we invite you to join our community and help us in answering the following questions:

Be part of the community that will bring answers to these questions.

Conscious Travelers

Plushkies are created by travelers for travelers as a praise to those who want to go out and meet the world, beyond boundaries and country lines. To those who wish to seek out the architecture from generations past. To those who wish to know what natives in remote islands ate by trying the foods themselves. To those who are excited about making their first international trip—and to those who have filled the pages of half a dozen passports. To those who wish to plan everything, and those who board a plane just hours after purchasing their ticket.

Ultimately, Plushkies are a tribute to the seekers of foreign forms of beauty, adventure, nature, culture, art, and fun. To all those who are willing to surrender to the unfamiliar because they know that traveling with an open mind and a trusting heart is one of the best ways to nourish the soul.

Adventurous Kids

Childhood is a very special time for kids to discover and explore the world. With Plushkies, we strive to make this endeavor easy and fun. Collecting Plushkies is the most fun way to start learning and asking questions about other countries—from where they are located to what their residents do for fun, what sports they play, and what foods they eat.

Currently available Plushkies include:

Thoughtful Parents

Plushkies respond to the need for parents to educate kids in an open, experiential and fun way. Oftentimes geographical and cultural information is presented to kids in an unpalatable way. Our desire is that Plushkies will help parents awaken the curiosity in their kids about their world through the characters they see, touch, and play with, allowing them to embrace this new interest as their own.

At Plushkies we are world travelers. Our ultimate purpose is for curiosity to develop into values of tolerance, independence and passion for adventure and traveling that will allow kids to enjoy the beauty, richness and wonders of our world throughout their whole lives.

Design Lovers

The work by American and South African art designers Bruce Lee and Tim Uys has made Plushkies appeal to people of all ages, in particular three kind of groups:

  • Sensitive adults who can’t help but smile and feel the love when seeing an adorable and super-huggable Plushky.
  • Adults who have an appreciation for a particular country or an aspect of it and like to express it. (For example, by taking French language lessons, Indian cooking classes, or a flamenco dancing class.)
  • Design lovers who appreciate how creative design and imagination can bond together fun, education and world awareness.

There are hundreds of other reasons to fall in love with Plushkies. Share yours with us!