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Staying Warm & “On The Go” In 2016

January 13, 2016
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With the turn of the year Katie has found in Caitlin her new best friend. Caitlin took her to school the other day and introduced her to all her classmates. It was such a memorable fun day for everyone!




Caitlin also now wants to go to all the places in the Plushkies Book and is planning to tag along with Katie on her next world trip magical adventure, where Fabio, Mei Mei and Pepe will be waiting to show them around.

Although it’s really fun meeting people and being “on the go”, Katie has discovered how much she gets to reenergize when staying over at Caitlin’s home. The fireplace is her own place of honor where she can be as much warm and cozy this time of the year as she would anywhere else in the world!!

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