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Spreading The Idea Of Plushkies Through Middle School Entrepreneurship

April 9, 2015
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At Khabelestrong Incubator, a school in Austin, Texas with an emphasis in social entrepreneurship, a group of four middle school students partnered with Plushkies to get a taste of how business is done in the real world by helping the company open retail accounts with some local vendors.

The students founded a company called KSI Plushkies headed by 6th grader Yazzen Turk –holding China Plushky in the picture. Yazzen is the CEO of KSI Plushkies Sales team and is assisted by 6th grader Kade Barber and 7th grader Van Baronofsky –to his left- and 8th grader Jesse Holcomb –to his right-. IMG_2662

The KSI Plushkies team specializes in sales, accounting and marketing, and chose the Thinkery as their first client. The following is how CEO Yazzen recounts how the they made their first sale:

“I went to the Thinkery and asked to meet with Aaron, the store buyer. At our first meeting, Aaron asked about the products. I showed him some samples and explained how I am doing this for social entrepreneurship. He was enthusiastic about both the Plushkies products and the idea of children engaged entrepreneurship.

The store buyer had a few questions about the products so I reached out to Ricardo Jiménez, founder and CEO of Plushkies to help answer them.  After I got the answers I met again with Aaron who asked for a PO (purchase order). After the second week of meetings and phone calls we then scheduled a final meeting with Ricardo, Aaron and I on Saturday, that week we sold the Plushkies and books. But best of all we finished the process of making a retail sale!”

What challenge and frontier could be next in spreading the idea for this special group of amazingly talented entrepreneurial driven kids?

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