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Connecting the Online & Offline Worlds

October 5, 2014
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What do you think about the Plushkies Interactive App?

We are most grateful to the collaborations/partnership with our friends and Austin videogame gurus Jim Cherry -from Service Media- and Finn Staber who built together the first Plushkies app -already available for free in the Apple App Store.

The coolest feature is the Augmented Reality (AR). Point the app to an image of our US Plushky Katie –or the plush toy itself- and you will see Katie pop up! Tap on her AR image on your phone and let her introduce herself! Plushkies Interactive Screenshot

You can also click on the Flash Cards feature to find out what is Fabio’s favorite food, Mei Mei’s favorite animal or Pepe’s favorite place.

And of course, this is just the beginning. These are some of the things we are looking into incorporating in the upcoming version:

  1. Puzzles with different levels of difficulty
  2. Customized mini-games for each Plushky to be unlocked with the purchase of the physical Plushky
  3. Connect Kids who own the same Plushkies to they can play against each other
  4. Language learning
  5. Augmented reality into the pages of our upcoming -and much awaited for- Plushkies book and the Plushkies audio book in multiple languages

What other features do you envision in future versions to connect the online and offline worlds? and how will they help raising and connecting global kids from all over the world?

Plushkies Interacive App

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