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Kickstarter Success for The Book

March 20, 2014
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We are happy to announce that we have reached our goal in raising $5,000 on Kickstarter for Plushkies, The Book! We are very grateful for everyone who has backed our book and who has spread the word about this project that is so dear to our hearts. Thank you to our supporters for helping us do this for the kids!

We are so excited and ready to get this ball rolling. We are currently working with Mascot Books to publish our children’s book and we cannot wait to share it with all of you! We look forward to bringing kids a fun, global experience in the comfort of their own homes and schools all around the world.  They will be able to learn about different countries, cultures, and ways of life through our book in the hopes of developing an appreciation for diversity.

Stay tuned and we will let you know when the Plushky Plane is ready for take off!!! For now, we’ll leave you with a link to this Youtube video!

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