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Raising Global Children: 10 Multicultural Blogger Moms Show Us How It’s Done

March 21, 2013
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“Sometimes we need to understand our differences on the outside in order to realize how we are similar inside.” – Grace Hwang Lynch, creator of HapaMama.

Raising children to be global citizens has become very significant in families today as it provides these children with empathy and opportunity. 

At Plushkies, we are all about encouraging children to learn about other parts of our beautiful world.  For this reason, we decided to go big by finding and interviewing those that are already raising global children and showing us how it’s done, their multicultural moms.

For 10 days starting Monday, March 25th until Wednesday, April 3rd, we will be showcasing each day an interview from one of these moms as part of our blog series “Raising Global Children: 10 Multicultural Blogger Moms Show Us How It’s Done”.  Mark your calendars and stay tuned.

The first thing we learned from them through this series is their openness to diversity and the second thing, their genuine, positive effort to embrace it and find creative fun ways to share it with their families. What if we could see the world as a big family and treat it with this candidness and playfulness?

As we learn about the stories of these women, we will also be connecting to a broader community of parents and educators across the world with the same values of appreciation for diversity. If you are one of them (us), you don’t want to miss out!

Let’s do it,

Weena & Ricardo


PS: The schedule will be as follows:

  1. Monday, March 25- Stephanie Meade of “InCultureParent”
  2. Tuesday March 26- Vanessa of “De Su Mama”
  3. Wednesday, March 27- Leanna of “All Done Monkey”
  4. Thursday, March 28- Paula Bendfeldt-Diaz of “Growing Up Bilingual”
  5. Friday, March 29- Sarah Quezada of “A Life With Subtitles”
  6. Saturday, March 30- Tallulah of “Bilingual Babes”
  7. Sunday, March 31- Grace Hwang Lynch of “HapaMama”
  8. Monday, April 1- Homa Sabet Tavangar of “Growing Up Global
  9. Tuesday, April 2- Becky Morales of “Kid World Citizen”
  10. Wednesday, April 3- Maria Wen Adcock of “Bicultural Mama”
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